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Dive & Stinger Suits

The SSA Dive Suit has been extensively used under wetsuits for ease of wear and extra warmth. The lycra suit makes it easy for divers to slide into their wetsuits, with the added benefit of thumb loops and stirrups to keep everything in place.

The SSA Suit is proven to offer the necessary protection from the Irukandji stinger.

We choose to use only quality lycra suppliers, permitting us to tag all our suits with UPF 50+ sun protection labels.

We manufacture a range of hoods and leggings designed to coordinate with the stinger suits. Sports Suits Australia also stocks reef walker shoes, flippers, bags and swimwear.

Stinger Suits can be designed to suit the individual requirements of clubs, schools and tourist operators.

Please contact us for the full range of products, or to place a special order.


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